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Your Trusted 
Business Tech Partner

for all your business process needs.

We optimise businesses through

cutting-edge process re-engineering

and process management solutions,

driving efficiency and innovation.



  • Challenging As-Is and To-Be state progress / Goals

  • Reduce Operational & Tooling Costs



  • Automating Business Critical, Specialised and BAU Processes

  • Empower Business Teams: Configure processes without IT



  • Empowering Stakeholder understanding

  • Domain-Specific Process Visualization

How We Improve Business Processes?

Our Services & Solutions

Discover tailored solutions to elevate your business operations with our comprehensive suite of services and solutions. We provide the tools and expertise to optimize workflows, drive efficiency, and propel your organization towards successes.

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Business Process Re-engineering as a Service.

Unlock your company's potential with our tailored approach and 
 SIXeR  report. Collaborate with our experts to define your business essence, pinpoint improvement opportunities, craft future-ready processes, and implement feedback seamlessly for continued excellence.


Process automation suite for Business Teams.

Empower teams seamlessly with our
domain-agnostic platform for configuring, testing, deploying, and managing processes without IT intervention. Enjoy plug-and-play customization, enhanced UI, multi-tenancy scaling, robust security, and real-time performance tracking for accelerated growth.


Customisable domain-specific modeling platform

Effortlessly visualize and document
domain-specific processes with our platform. Customize your Modeller or integrate existing open-source products seamlessly. Leverage industry standards for precise modeling, empower stakeholders with visualization and simulation, and collaborate effectively from anywhere for seamless alignment.

Why Clients Choose Us?

We create

Truly Domain agnostic solutions.



Our Happy Clients

"Wonderful team. Worth their weight in gold so far. Sathish is great! He has relevant financial services industry experience which means he has come up with more than one way to improve our overall processes and we just started working with him. He also even researched me personally as the CEO of the company to find out a bit about me to better understand our company as a whole."

Mark Hegenbart

CEO, DO Companies & 24 Hour Inspections | USA

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